Last week, SOSLeith took me along the Water of Leith basin to see concerns that storm overflow pipes along the Water could be polluting it with worrying amounts of sewage whenever it rains or floods.

My visit was on a rainy day and I left concerned about the level of waste water which could unknowingly be being dumped in the water if, according to Marine Conservation Society estimates, only 3.4 per cent of storm overflows are indeed monitored in Scotland.

Public water infrastructure should be able to cope with our weather without endangering biodiversity and risking health hazards. Scottish water and the Scottish Government must urgently ensure sufficient safeguards and cleaning systems are increased to protect us when it does rain or flood.

Not only is sewage pollution an issue, but removing sewage debris in the Water must also be urgently acted upon.

SOSLeith make the point that the owners of the land under the Water of Leith basins have denied responsibility for the silt, which it is believed covers sewage resting in the Water.

At my visit, I saw a duck nesting dangerously close to this silt and potential sewage site. Accountable systems for cleaning the water need to be put into place, so that the Water can be cleared of debris.

The Water of Leith should be a biodiversity haven for residents to enjoy nature, yet it could now be a health hazard to wildlife and locals. We need to protect the Water of Leith, now, for everybody’s safety and enjoyment.

read the article here: https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/opinion/columnists/water-of-leith-must-be-protected-for-humans-and-animals-alike-foysol-choudhury-4205590

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